Hi, I’m Kamila and I’ve recently quit my profession to learn coding. Quite a brave decision after 5 years of studies and 9 years of work in one field. However, I gave it a try and found out it was a great choice. Dev’s job is very rewarding, exiting and, in contrast to the common belief, truly creative. I’d like to share my passion with you and hope you will find some of the lines here useful.

Feel welcome to drop me a line or leave a comment if you have any questions, encounter a mistake or inaccuracy or wish to share some infos. We are here to learn from one another.

Beyond programming

Besides coding I enjoy doing tons of crazy things like travelling to Pripyat, taking shots of forgotten places (the uglier, the more beautiful) and writing weird narratives. This way I keep both hemispheres in balance. ;) In case you were curious, here’s my alternative blog: in-dust-real. It’s in Polish but you do not miss much, the images should speak by themselves. The blog is currently as forgotten as the places shot but there is a plan to revive it.

What beyond?!

The above must have been a joke, what the heck can a Jr Front-End Dev have time for besides code? ;)